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I was at the mall today and overheard this dude talking to two lesbian chicks. I hear him ask, “So which one of you is the guy in your relationship?” And the one girl looks into her pants and says, “It’s not me. How bout you? Are you hiding a dick in there?” Then her girlfriend looks in her pants and says, “Nope, I’m not.” Then the first chick looks at the dude and says, “Hmmm, guess that’s why we are lesbians.” And then I lost my shit.

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    Little demo voice thing

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    The hell do I need this for?

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    Me, duh




Was asked a bunch to post this after mentioning it a bunch in some previous posts, so here’s a demo reel I put together in like 30 minutes a few weeks ago.

Admittedly, the quality isn’t super duper amazing, but I used my old setup to do it, so there’s my excuse.

My girlfriend was sitting next to me while I recorded it and at points she was just giggling like crazy. Was worth some laughs to record it at least!

See! This is why Kdin is super awesome adorable in my book.

And my friend had a go at me for liking the “unimportant background staff”

I shut her down for that and offered to punch her in the face. She said she was right because background staff are unimportant. I do background volunteer work at major music festivals. I don’t see anyone saying that my water safety role is unimportant. My friend is an idiot, background staff are super important to everything

Tell your friend she made me cry.

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